The project activities focus on the organization of transnational meetings and local activities developments by each of the partner organizations.


In particular, the meetings will be an opportunity to visit local experiences, to share methodologies, explore specific issues, and coordinate the project.


The project will use a comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach, in particular, through the use of experimental and interactive methods associated with the learning process, according to the activity, such as learning and modes of cooperative expression.


The partners will be able to promote a training course in basic business techniques (centered on 'HBB') and then test it in all countries in a small group (15-25 people) of women with children. Each partner will then form small groups (maximum 10 people) of women who develop real business plans for HBB and will be supported to establish this business.


Computer tools will be used for the learning process, also to ensure internal communication and project visibility.


Monitoring tools ensure throughout the duration of the project consistency with the work program, as well as the impact on participants.