The first partners’ meeting - ITALY


It took place in Italy  between 4-6 November 2015 and was aiming to:

introduction of partners, present each partner (aims of the organization, activities, learners, previous projects and results etc), team building exercise

detailed reminding of objectives and strategy

reminding and agreeing on the communication plan and dissemination instruments and activities (agree also the common template for the leaflet)

discuss and agree the structure of the blog and Facebook page

assignment of roles, responsibilities and tasks

define and agree the basic content for the training course in developing entrepreneurial and other key competencies for women with children who want to open a home based business (brainstorming in working groups) and share the chapters between partners

Participants also had the opportunity to know “in situ” the local context Italian coordinator is working in.


The second partners’ meeting - CROATIA


It took place in Vodnjan, between, 8th-10th  March 2016, Croatia

The meeting had the following main aims:


adjustment on the strategy of the partnership

discussion on the outgoing and incoming partner

present the results of the local researches

agree on a structure of a comparative study regarding the learner’s profile – based on the seven researches made by partners

interviews: agree on the questions to ask to the successful women

define and agree a template for an initial assessment questionnaire that will be applied to learners at the level of each partner’s organization

present the theoretic information to be included in the training course and the methodology, agree on the final version of the training course


define how to develop the film

Participants also had the opportunity to know “in situ” the local context Croatian partner is working in



The third partners’ meeting - SPAIN


It has been realized in Madrid, between 03rd-05th October 2016, Spain

The meeting had the following main aims:


- Discussing the major points of the already started Training Courses

- Presenting the Video Interviews to Women Entrepreneurs made by partners in their countries


o   Discussing all partners on how to organize it and all the material needed

o   Designating a responsible person within each organization

o   Tasks assignments

Discussing Next Project Activity --> Intellectual Output O2 “GUIDELINES”

o    What is it? Timelines? Materials to be employed.

o    How we are going to develop it.


- Define next partners' meeting dates (Cyprus, 07th-09th March 2017)


Participants also had the opportunity to enjoy a typical Spanish lunch, know the local context MAD for Europe is working in and one of the business mother with her company (AGAIN Cashmere) and finally a Guided Tour around the old town of Madrid with one expert Art Historian.


1st Bilateral meeting - Italy


Between Spanish partner and project coordinator. 

It was organized:

- to speed up the insertion times due to the entry of the new partner into the project 

- and to study a successful strategy to organize in detail the platform necessary for the implementation of the E-learning activity


The fourth partners’ meeting - CYPRUS


It has been realized in Nicosia, between 08th-09th March 2017, Cyprus

The meeting had the following main aims:


- Analysis on project development since the last meeting in Madrid, until March 2017 



- Giovani per l’Europa (coordinator) presented what was done after the meeting in Madrid through Skype  - A description of the Guidelines, for the Chapters that each of the partner has to develop, was given by the coordinators; the various chapters have to include what was done throughout the project and to give to the reader an idea of what the project was about, what it was developed throughout the project and what kind of activities were organized for the purposed of the project.

- All of the partners presented the classroom training through PPTs and the PPTs were given to Eurosuccess Consulting to be shared with everyone 

- Discussion and suggestions on the common project video 

- Meeting in Greece, dates and what the learners will do 

12-16 June (MOBILITY TRAINING) (till  3 pm arrival on the 12th  – 3pm departure on the 16th) 

12-15 June (Partner’s Meeting) 


The fifth partners’ meeting - Greece

 It has been realized in Athens from 12 to 15 June 2017 , GREECE 

 The meeting had the following main aims:


 - Description of project impact in each partner country. 

- Group discussion on:

 Critical issues encountered during the management of the project

 Dissemination

 Enhancement of the project

 How to improve the project? 

- Final project video. 

- Proof of expense necessary for the conclusion of the project. 


Second Bilateral Meeting - Italy - Nicotera

 It has been realized in Nicotera from 18-20 July 2017  , Italy 

 The meeting had the following main aims:


 -    Website revision and updating

       -  quality control of the activities carried out

      - Verify that all activities have been completed on schedule



First meeting
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Second meeting
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Third meeting
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1st Bilateral Meeting
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Fourth meeting
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Fifth meeting
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Second bilateral meeting
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