common activities

Evento Moltiplicatore 19 Luglio 2017 -  Nicotera

Bilateral  MEETING  18-20 July 2017 – Nicotera – Italy MINUTES MEETING



June - August 2017

Translation of guidelines - dissemination of results 


Fifth meeting of partners  - Athens 12-06/15-06-2017 Minute Meeting 


 Blended Mobility of Adult learners - Athens 12-06/16-06-2017 Minute Meeting

January-May 2017
Drafting of guidelines
The guidelines (intellectual output number 2) describe the entire design process, from preparation to the
dissemination, it will go far beyond the project sharing, managing to support the promotion of entrepreneurship, to be
used in the long term, beyond the term of the project.

The fourth partners’ meeting - CYPRUS Minute Meeting


It has been realized in Nicosia, between 08th-09th March 2017, Cyprus


November 2016 - December 2016 
E-learning course. All learners attend an online course .Distance education allows a wide participation, it will have the advantage of being more diluted over the time and so will allow further study under the guidance of a  Teacher / Tutor.
The platform contains the following modules, in addition to those already covered in class:
Internet Marketing,
Technical English,
Information technology,
E- Commerce.

Bilateral Meeting  7-10 October 2016 – Nicotera 

Minute Meeting


October 2016 - from 03rd to 05th October 2016
Third Partners' Meeting in Madrid (Spain) - all details here
September - October - November 2016
Start of the Classroom Training for our target group for a total of 32 hours divided in the month of September and October. Development of the 3 main Training Modules:
- Eco-Catering
- Eco-Sustainable Crafts and Manufacturing
- Green Web Marketing
March - August 2016
Study and Preparation of the TRAINING MODULES for realizing the O1 (Intellectual Output 1) that is the Training Activities for women.
March - June 2016
1. Visit to women business companies with some learners
2. INTERVIEWS to 3 business mothers in each country, knowing their activity and investigating on how it is possible to balance work and family life.
March – April 2016
1. Publication of the call in the different languages, here the notice in the official English version call in English
2. Selecting the group of learners (women inclinable to reconcile the work and family life by opening a home based business) in each partner’s country
3. Applying the initial assessment questionnaire to learners at the level of each partner’s organization
March 2016
Second partners’ meeting – Croatia details Here
January - February 2016
Selection of Women Best Practices, businesses managed by women mothers in each partner countries
January 2016
Creation of the Leaflet.
Launching the blog
December 2015
Preparing the instruments for project visibility – the logo, the blog, a common template for the leaflet
Start working to:
local research regarding the learner’s profile (level of education, family status, social behavior etc) for women inclinable to reconcile the work and family life by opening a home based business :
for Italy–
for Croazia
for Spain
for Greece
for Macedonia
for Cipro
for Lithuania
for Bulgaria
market studies carried out in each action area
November 2015
First partners’ meeting – Italy– details Here
September 2015
Partnership’s start and promotion :
Kick-off meeting at the level of each partner organization focused on:
→ project launch
→ introducing the project (objectives, activities, expected results, target groups, partners etc.) at the level of staff/volunteers/learnes etc
→ working group composition
→ establish chart and responsibilities
reminding of the foreseen roles of the partners
Events for project dissemination at the local level in each partner organization – press releases, press conference where’s possible