Blended mobility of adult                    learners-                from 12/6/17 till 16/6/17              Athens- Greece


Icebreaking activities


-          Trainers start to introduce themselves then each one has to do it about name, nationality, which job and find a personal gesture and then the person next to, has to repeat what the previous one has said and done and then introduce themselves (15 minutes);


-          Each one draw a spider graph with their name in the centre and around two things that are true and one that is false. When finish they stand up and move around to meet the others. They have to choose one person at time and guess which thing on the spider graph is false, the the other person will do the same. Just when both have done it they change person and do it again (5 minutes to draw and write + 25 minutes for the game);


-          Give each one three post-it in different colours in where they have to write their EXPECTATIONS, FEARS and HOPES from this training. When finished each one attack them on the right poster (one for expectations, one for fears and the other one for hopes). Then the trainer  sum up about each category.

Analysis of Project Development

Participants  learned more about business planning and all the tools the internet offers to start a business on the right foot! During these activities, participants could exchange ideas with the women who already put their knowledge into practice. The participants, who had already started their businesses, revealed the steps they followed to launch their business 

During the blendend mobility, Each group of women, has developed its business plan.

Discussion with Ms Evi Papadopoulou, owner of Le Greche (, within the framework of the mobility of learners of the ProWomen project .

Cultural tour -  exploring the spectacular city of Athens

Final evaluation of the meeting




- Ask the participants to think about one word to describe their experience during the Pro-Women training and write them on the board. (About 15-20 minutes)


-     About the future: distribute the questionnaires (one for those who have started their business one for those who are thinking to do it). Let them a few minutes to complete it and ask two women to make a small presentation about their business using the questions in the survey in order to open the discussion (Q&A after the presentation).



At the following link, on the facebook page of the participants, there are videos with learners feedback


If you have difficulty opening the link, look for  the following open group on facebook: Pro Women-Participants

Minute meeting blended mobility
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